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    Ariel - Red Hair @ Femjoy
    Ariel, with her striking red hair, has quickly risen to what is probably the top 2 or 3 models on our site. We have so many videos and photo sets of her, there’s practically a mini Ariel site inside FEMJOY. So if you like this girl, you should come inside.

    This new video with our stunning starlet is a real winner. She’s fully nude, rolling around in the sand, inside a man-made rock shelter. As she stretches and squirms, you get a full glimpse of her seductive abilities. It doesn’t take a huge stretch of the imagination to picture being there with her, to believe that she is moving in such a way just for you.

    Spend some full motion erotic time with the luscious Ariel.


    Melisa - Private Show @ Femjoy
    Ever wanted a private striptease from the girl of your dreams? Well, now you can have it, ala FEMJOY, thanks to the new video we recently posted, called Private Show, and starring the incredible Kyra, who, if you’re a red-blooded male, probably looks a lot like the girl of your dreams.

    Kyra is up on the table, and she’s taking off and putting on and taking off some amazingly sex lingerie combinations that give her body just the right accent it needs to be out of this world. And when she’s got it off, she really knows how to show you what’s underneath. This is a girl who has all the right moves when it comes to arousing her man.

    And if you’re a member of FEMJOY, you are that man.


    Suzie - White Shower @ Femjoy
    It’s early morning, and beautiful Suzie is just waking up. She’s naked in white sheets, and as the sun pours in, she starts to massage and knead her luscious breasts. As the sheets slip away, you can see that Suzie is genuinely aroused.

    To help keep her arousal flowing, she decides to get out of bed and take a nice hot shower. The room is white, and Suzie is gleaming. As the water glistens and dribbles over her succulent form, she touches and teases herself for the camera.

    Welcome to erotic heaven, ala Suzie in the shower.


    Jayla - Little Secret @ Femjoy
    Jayla’s got a little secret. Can you guess what it is? Sure, it’s all the beauty she holds under her clothes, all of which you get to see in this fine erotic video. But there’s another secret as well. And it’s that Jayla loves to pose naked for the camera.

    Some girls do it for the money. Some do it for the credit. But some girls just love it, and that’s Jayla. And you can see it in her every move in this intimate nude portrayal. She’s outside, the wind is blowing, and Jayla wants you to see everything.

    Share a little secret with this sexy young FEMJOY model.


    Sarah - Feel It @ Femjoy
    The best things in life are not only free, they’re simple. Just like this video of Sarah. So simple, so incredible. You have to see it to believe it.

    The beautiful blonde model starts out in a skimpy little bathing suit, but soon she’s out of that, and she’s spraying her body with water. But getting wet isn’t enough for her. She wants to take it farther, so she starts to touch and rub herself. And things just go in all the right directions after that.

    For a highly erotic video viewing experience, you can’t beat this lovely young lady and her moist, touchy self.

    Ah, FEMJOY!


    Paulina - Lake Of Dreams @ Femjoy
    Without a doubt, the beautiful Russian model, Paulina, is one of our most popular girls on FEMJOY. Our member comments on her are unanimously positive, and every video or photo set we post with her in it instantly sky-rockets to the top of many Favorites Lists.

    And if you watch this video, you’ll see why. It’s called "Lake of Dreams," and that’s because your sensual dreams will come true when you see what Paulina has in store for you. Fully nude, she’s playing in the water, rolling around, rubbing mud all over her delicious physique. And there’s not a part of her she hides from the camera.

    For the most erotic videos in the world, there’s only one place – FEMJOY.


    Tea - You and me. together @ Femjoy
    FEMJOY continues to make erotic video history with incredibly sensuous, vibrant moving pictures that feature our world-class models seducing the camera and becoming fully nude for it. And the most recent installment in this process is the new video starring the incomparable Tea. So beautiful, so alive.

    In this video, Tea starts out lying on a bed of white sheets in a sunny room. She is clothed, and looking at the camera like a lover in a chair to the side of the bed. Slowly, she strips, keeping eye contact. She is seducing him. Soon she is naked, and it gets better from there. Opening, touching, loving herself.

    Come be intimate with Tea.


    Jenni - Here With You @ Femjoy
    Any time Jenni comes back to FEMJOY…and she does quite often…to make a video, it’s a time for major celebration. Her shining smile, sexy young body, and lithe spirited moves is pure naked wonder. And the members just love it.

    But this time is special because she’s made a video that is more intimate, sensual, and, well, cute than anything she’s ever done before. And it’s the “cute’ factor that has always been so special about Jenni. She just typifies that feeling of cuteness that can be so sexy on a grown woman.

    Basically, here’s Jenni, playing around in the sheets, fully nude, just like you woke up with her and she’s getting sorta frisky. Who could ask for more? Come in and see and savor Jenni.


    Dominika - Sunrise @ Femjoy

    This week’s exclusive video features the ever so adorable Dominika – who’s not only adorable, but also is one of the sweetest girls we’ve ever worked with. When we got to the location, it was kind of cold so we gave her something to wear that we could also film her in. After a while, she said, "I’m fine actually", and took it off – what a trooper!

    From her wonderfully warm smile to the goose bumps on her supple breasts, Dominika made this video a pleasure to make. Just being around her made everyone a bit warmer.

    Here’s what some of our members had to say about her;

    "Dominika is delightful. I love her slender features and her pretty smile. When I see her naked body I am sure she is a dancer with the suppleness and strength required for that activity. I was delighted when she turned around and gave a few opportunities for me to see her cute little bottom. Dominika’s bare buttocks are very arousing."

    "This is why I love Dominika. Even in such a stark, windswept setting, she brings such a warmth to her presence on camera with her beautiful dark eyes and open, easy smile. I’m always glad to see her again, especially in motion."

    Well said, and we couldn’t agree more. Come and see for yourself why Dominika is is as warm as the sunrise…
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    Tea - Let me watch you @ Femjoy
    Suzi and Tea, two of FEMJOY’s top models, are lying naked together, in the early emergence from sleep, on a white bed. The sun beams in the large, high-ceilinged room. The gorgeous beauties on the bed stir. Soon, a conversation occurs. It seems that Tea has a little desire for something – she wants to watch Suzi take a bath. It would, to put it mildly, turn her on. Fortunate for Tea and Suzi, there’s a tub right near the bed, so Suzi gets to it.

    What happens next can’t be described in words, so we’ll leave it to your imagination. Suffice to say that Tea gets her wish, and then some.

    Come into FEMJOY and view one of the most erotic videos you’ll ever have the fortune of seeing.